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ProfitBuilder Cancellation Policy

At any time, for any reason, you may request cancellation of your ProfitBuilder account. However, we DO NOT accept cancellation requests by email, fax or phone. You MUST send a signed cancellation request to our PO Box (found on our contact page) if you wish to cancel your service. Once we receive your request, we will provide you a cancellation confirmation number. Your account will be considered officially cancelled only once this number has been generated by our support staff.

Your account will remain active and charges will continue to accrue to your account until you write to cancel. ProfitBuilder is a membership service, not a pay-per-usage service. Therefore, discontinuing use of ProfitBuilder and/or lack of usage are not acceptable grounds for cancellation or refund and will NOT result in automatic account cancellation. You will still be responsible for any charges accrued until you formally cancel by mail, regardless of your level of account usage.


Furthermore, cancelling your credit card, allowing it to expire, a declined charge, or requesting a refund through your credit card company (also known as a chargeback) will not automatically result in a cancellation of your service. Additionally, you will still be legally responsible for any amounts due to ProfitBuilder. You will remain responsible for paying the monthly, quarterly, or yearly charge (depending on the payment plan you chose), which will accrue to your account, until we receive a formal cancellation notice by mail.


Any amounts paid and any charges already accrued to your account are NON-REFUNDABLE. Subscriptions to ProfitBuilder are always pre-paid. Any requests for cancellation during the middle of a payment cycle (month, quarter, or year depending on the payment plan you chose) will be made effective on the last day of the current payment cycle. We DO NOT pro-rate refunds or provide partial payback for unused services.


We will send written notice to the email address on record if your credit card is declined. We may also follow-up by phone or postal mail. We reserve the right to send delinquent accounts to a collection agency if they are not paid within 90 days. Additionally, a late fee of $20 per month will be assesed for any past due amounts. If your account moves to collections or requires us to seek a judgment in court, you will be responsible for all fees involved including any attorney or legal filing fees, as well as any travel expenses.


For information regarding the terms and conditions of our money-back guarantee, please click here.


Per our privacy policy, data from cancelled accounts will deleted immediately and cannot be retrieved. Please be sure to export all data you wish to save before cancelling your account.

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